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FSG Podcast: It's Homecoming Bih! ft. Ray Love Jr.

2019 is shaping up to be a year of firsts for me. As a serial podcast listener, I spend most (if not all) of my driving time listening to my favorite shows instead of the radio these days. With upwards of 50 show subscriptions in my Apple Podcast app, I've found a steady rotation that includes FSG Podcast hosted by my Sister-in-Hive, Irene aka @TheCool18. A few weeks ago she asked me to join her as a guest on the show. Although I was hesitant to accept the invitation because of some insecurities about my speaking voice that I'm still working through, I accepted.

In the weeks that passed since the initial invite and the date we'd set for me to record the episode quite a bit of activity that I was genuinely interested in discussing went down -- most of all Beyoncé's release of her Beychella performance on Netflix. I found comfort and confidence in knowing this would be the main topic of discussion. Still, I tried to find additional relief and offered up my friend and Power Star Live show mate (more on this in a later post) to join in as a buffer to distract from my shyness. Despite our efforts, technology wasn't on our side that Wednesday morning and Jessie wasn't able to patch in to the system Irene uses to record. Alas, it was just the two of us sitting down for what turned out to be a candidly fun conversation that lasted for nearly two hours making for a great first podcast experience for myself.

Check out the conversation available on Apple Podcasts, Google Play or Stitcher by clicking the badges below:

Tweet us your reactions at @RayLoveJr_, @TheCool18 and @FSGpodcast.

Two Finger Salute,


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